About Us

Our History

From the beginning until now

Moda Tim spa, established in 1959 in Timisoara, was privatised in 1994 and then initiated a comprehensive programme to develop and modernise through the introduction of the most up to date technology.

Our History

Ladies Garments & Clothing for men

Our main business is the manufacture of outerwear using a wide variety of fabrics, including natural fibers such as wool, cotton and cashmere, as well as technical fabrics. Women's tailoring (mainly blazers), as well as coats, skirts and dresses, are the other significant element of Moda Tim's production.

Our History

Delivering with passion

This privately owned company believes first and foremost in service, quality and on-time deliveries. We are ready now to offer our expertise and creativity direct to customers, providing a high quality products.

ModaTim's RELIABLE Services

Orders can be placed through our site or by email at comenzi@modatim.ro

Return can be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of the package.

To choose your size please consult the size table. If your size is on the site, then the garments can be made

Please contact us on phone or e-mail relatiiclienti@modatim.ro

Romania, Timis County <br.
Chișoda, Giroc,DN 59 km 8+550m
Incontro Platform Hall No. 8