FAQ Page

How can I place an order? + -

Orders can be placed through our site or by e-mail at: comenzi@modatim.ro. Please mention: style name (SKU) and size. A confirmation will be sent to you by email in 24h.

How do I know if my size is available? + -

The products are made only when an order is placed. If your size is mention on site next to the style, than it is available and can be made. Delivery time is 5-10 days from the moment order was placed.

How do I choose the right size? + -

To choose the size, please consult the size table. The dimensions in the table are those of the body and not of the garment. So, measure the body dimensions indicated in the table and choose the size closest to the measurements you took. If you want to find out other dimensions of the garment (eg: product length, sleeve length, ...), please request this information by email at: relatiiclienti@modatim.ro

How can I get additional information about the product I am interested in? + -

Please contact us on phone or e-mail relatiiclienti@modatim.ro.

How long it takes for the order to be finished? + -

The order will leave to you in 5-10 days from its placement. On the day of delivery you will receive an information by email with AWB number and the estimated date the product will rich you. Exceptionally, the time to place the order may be longer, but in such a situation you will be contacted on the phone. The time allocated for the realization and delivery of orders does not include Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.

How will I receive the order and what are the delivery costs? + -

Delivery will be made by courier. Delivery cost will vary from 10 euro - 20 euro, depending on your location.

Can I order the product on a different colour or different material? + -

Each style is made of 2-3 different materials and colors. If you want it to be made of another material, please contact us by phone or email (relatiiclienti@modatim.ro) to discuss if is possible to offer you a material as you wish. Please note that if it is possible to make your product from another material, its price may be different from the one displayed on the site..

Can I ask for customized changes on the product displayed on site? + -

It is possible. We accept length customisation or making the product from the material of another style displayed on the site. Customisation may change the price of the product, which will be communicated to you by email. Only if you accept the new price in writing, the product will be made. Please note that once such an order is placed and it’s price accepted, it becomes a personalized order and cannot be cancelled or returned.

Can I cancel a placed order? + -

The order can be cancelled in the first 2 days after it has been placed. To cancel the order, please contact us by phone or email at: relatiiclienti@modatim.ro.

What is the return time? + -

Return of the purchased product can be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of the package. Customized products (with changes made especially for you) cannot be returned.

What is the procedure for return or exchange of the product? + -

To return or replace a purchased product, please fill out the return form attached to the package and send it with the product. Items must be free from signs of use. All items which bear clear signs of use (make-up or lipstick stains, odour ...) cannot be acceptedPlease note that we do not accept parcels shipped by cash on delivery.

What is the return/exchange address? + -

Parcels should be sent at the following address:
SC Moda-Tim SA, DN 59, km8+550stg, Hala 8, 307221, Chisoda, Timis, Romania

What is the procedure and how long it takes for a refund? + -

The refund is made in 14 days from the date of receipt of the package in our warehouse, on the bank account number specified by the client. A payment confirmation will be sent by email.

How to file a complaint about the purchased product? + -

The purchased product can be claimed within two years from the date of purchase. For this purpose, please send the product together with the description of the defect, which is the cause of the complaint, to:SC Moda-Tim SA, DN 59, km8 + 550stg, Hall 8, 307221, Chisoda, Timis, Romania.


In addition to the description, please attach the proof of purchase (invoice, receipt, tax receipt, email delivery of the product from us). If you no longer have this proof, please specify the buyer's data, which allows us to locate the customer in our system.


Each complaint is analyzed, and possible solutions for resolving it will be discussed with you and may include but are not limited to: repairing the product, replacing the product with an identical product or another product, refunding the money. Please consider following the product maintenance instructions to avoid denying the claim. A claim is accepted and we assume the costs resulting from it only if the product maintenance instructions have been followed and the defect was not caused by your negligence..

How much time do I have to pay for the order if I opt for a wire payment? + -

We are waiting 5 days for you pay for an order. After 3 days you will receive a reminder email. In case of non-payment within 5 days, the order will be cancelled automatically. Please note that we will not proceed with the order until payment is made.

How can I exchange the product? + -

As our products are made in limited quantities, please request the exchange of product as soon as you receive it. We cannot guarantee the exchange it will be possible given that fabric stocks are limited. If the exchange is not possible, you can opt for a return, in which case you will receive a refund. Before sending the product back, please contact us by phone or email to check the possibility of exchange.

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